My life started over when I discovered poetry. Its been the driving force behind my creativity and the one thing that I can rely on in times of sorrow and celebration. I feel that being an artist involves many different aspects of yourself; your spirit, your passion, your mind, your patience. Whether I’m performing a song or writing a short story, I let my heart shine through the work, sharing a piece of myself with a hope to inspire and commiserate with others. In my free time, I read anything in print, go on long runs at night, and visit my family whenever I can.
— Chase Maser, Co-founder
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My name is Sergio, I enjoy writing poetry, plays and short stories. I was the founder and Artistic-Director of the Off-Broadway, Pantheon theatre located on 42nd street in New York City. I now live in Santa Monica where I am the Co-Artistic-Director of pspoets. I graduated from California State University in Los Angeles with a degree in Social Work. I have a strong passion for traveling. I am on a Pangaea quest to travel to all seven continents, I have two left. I also enjoy spending time in nature, reading, sharing meals with friends, going to museums and laying in a hammock by the ocean.
— Sergio Cacciotti, Co-founder
My poetry and artwork are influenced by life, death, the seasons in between, the places I go. I love trying new ways to express myself. In doing so, I’ve found passion in crafting, gardening, cooking, playing guitar, even snowboarding. There is poetry in it all.
— Denise Mckenzie, Content Manager
I am unsure and indecisive. I have a hard time deciding what to eat, what to watch, and what to wear. But here are a few things I know for certain: I am obsessed with words, I need to travel like I need coffee, and I thought I knew love until the day I became a mother.
— Arlene Mateo, Blog Manager
I’m Mandy and I study acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I love creating; poetry brings me close to nature. This photo takes me back to the most special time in my life - traveling to Japan and Korea with my loved ones.
— Amanda Ortiz, Website Curator