Five Artists to Lookout For…


It was a sweet return to the Westside, a few artists were back behind the mic after a brief hiatus, new artists arrived eager to put on a great show. After a long week of work and responsibilities, a few hours lost in art, was exactly what was needed to free up some energy, and elevate the mood.

Friday night was a reminder of the abundance of talent in Los Angeles, these artists pour so much of their time, energy, and spirit in to the work.

Here is a close up of five artists, from the ever inspiring Los Angeles scene:


Makela Brizuela…

from Argentina, read poetry on silence and sorrow. Her words were profound and instantly pulled you into the pain and wonder of her prose. Not only is Makela a wordsmith, she also teaches tango at her studio in Santa Monica. Watch her perform, perhaps it may even persuade you to sign up for a class!


Shae Brock…

writes her own music, and plays guitar. She sang cute melodies of new love and discovery. To open her act she sang a beautiful melody written in English and French. Her songs are easy to relate to and her style is fresh and fun. You’ll definitely want to hear her latest music, follow Shae Brock and listen to her tunes on Spotify.


Sarah Wheeler …

has stage presence! She invokes a lot of emotion into her performance. She read a poem inspired by her mom, it shared an extra special take on unconditional love, capturing the hard sides to love and perseverance. If you were unable to catch her performance check out her compelling art and prose on Instagram. It’s bound to move you!


Gabriel Deibel’s…

voice is one of a kind, his original music is distinct, and leaves you wanting more. In between songs, Gabriel doesn’t disclose much, he saves it all for his performance. If you’d like to hear his cool sound, check it out on Soundcloud.



is another heavy hitter of the night, he was the closing act, and won the crowd over with his charisma and killer rhymes. Gauntlet’s lyrics connect to empowerment, perseverance, and love. His song “Enunciate Statements to Open Minds” will get you bopping from side to side, watch him perform in this interview for Drippy Faucet productions with the ever inspiring host, J Flow.

Thank you to all the performers, for your dedication and innovative work, hope to see you and new faces at the next one!

Arlene MateoComment