Read Why This Open Mic Never Disappoints


Sideshow Bookstore has a lot to offer, little nooks and shelves of great reads and highly recommended staff picks, it’s the place you find instant comfort in. Tony, the owner, has undeniably created a meaningful respite for all Angelenos.

On April 6th, Sideshow opened its doors to another great night of poetry and live music. The event was held in the backyard, while seats filled up quickly, everyone sat in eager anticipation for the show to begin.

The night was hosted by Jenna Dorn and Sergio Cacciotti, they patiently kept time, and ensured everyone who signed up had a chance to read. The setlist was a long one, and the acts were highly entertaining and diverse, it kept the seats full and all eyes on the stage.

Jenna opened the performances with a poem full of powerful imagery and raw emotion. Her writing is candid and very relatable. It set the tone for the night, and made all readers and performers feel encouraged to be themselves and  just as forthcoming.

There were so many great acts that followed, each one added to the magic, it all seemed to bring everyone in the room closer together.

The bond between artists continues to grow at these events, a lot of the returning performers have become friends, and cheer each other on with kind words of encouragement.


Like Lotus, a proud regular, shared a beautiful song she had written about her father, all the emotion in her voice transcended into the room.

Cedar, another familiar face, followed her performance with a catchy tune titled “With You”. His songwriting will suck you right in, he can play the keyboard and guitar, check out his hot new tracks, you will not be disappointed. It was a real treat to see Robin C. Coppock, pspoet’s poet of the month, a talented writer who read his latest poems inspired by roses.

The returning performers from previous The Backyard Open Mic Readings also had it going on, Jenna introduced each of these artists with great pride and praise.

There was Kim Tang, she was one of the many artists of the night who played on the ukulele, her voice and style are truly unique, and instantly grab you from the very first line. If you were not there, her music is definitely something you should experience.

Just as distinct and entertaining, Sean Lee opened his act with a comical and brilliant ode to the late and great Charles Bukowski, it had Bukowski’s usual fixings—crude humor, alcohol, and a little fighting. It peaked the room’s interest, and had them all laughing out loud.


To complete the wonder of the night were all the new acts, they were all outgoing, ready to take their turn on stage, and share their labor of love. Teddy, new to Los Angeles, was very personable and had everyone in the room bursting with laughter as well, his was a funny tune about the allure of night time debauchery and hookups. Anthony, another first time performer, read his poem “Back in Five Minutes”, it was a solid read, full of vivid descriptions and a strong concluding line.

The two fun-filled hours of performances seemed to fly by, many stayed after to hang around and talk, not enough could be said about this great turn out. Thank you Jenna for welcoming the pspoet community—and Tony for being an awesome host. Look out for the next Backyard Open Mic in May!

If you simply can’t wait to join in on the fun, you’ll have to make your way to the next event at the end of April, it’s looking like it will be another big turn out!

Arlene MateoComment